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I really, really need some advice as I am going out of my mind here - lack of sleep will do that to you LOL.

My family and I got back to the UK last Sunday after 3 weeks in Vancouver. My 21 month old son is suffering from really bad jet lag and I honestly am at the end of my tether as to how to get him back to his normal routine (up at about 7am, nap after lunch, bed at 7.30pm with no wake ups in the night until 7am)

Does anyone have any tips? I have been putting him to bed at his normal time but he always wakes after about 4/5 hours and is wide awake. I've tried just leaving him to see if he'll go back to sleep but he won't. So, he stays up until about 2am and then I put him back to bed. Today I woke him at 9.30am and we went out for the morning. He had an hour nap from 1pm-2pm and then went to bed at 7.30pm. He woke up about 40 minutes ago.

This is a little better than it was when we first got back so things are improving, but it has been the same for a few days so am terrified that this is just how it's going to be from now on. I don't know what to do to get him back to normal!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Please put my mind at rest and someone out there tell me that it's normal for a 19 month old to not be talking yet .. at all!

Sam can say 'dada' and 'mama' but they are the only two words he knows, despite us trying SO hard to get him to say other things. He has full blown conversations with great pitch in his voice but it is literally 'dadadadadadadadada' - no other consonant or vowel sounds at all. Should I be worried?

I've also gone and got myself all freaked out by reading this article in 'Practical Parenting' magazine (a UK mag) that talks about autism and Sam seems to display a lot of the things they say are signs of it. Am pretty sure he is just a bit lazy and some of the other traits are a sign of a calculated mind (repetitively lining up toys, for example) but am still worrying.

Hope everyone out there is ok! Oh, and just so this isn't entirely boring, here are a couple of super recent snaps of my gorgeous boy.

Oh, and to cut his hair or not to cut his hair? I want it long but it's looking a bit too mullet like right now. Plus am scared his curls will vanish! Have trimmed the front once or twice as it looked INSANE but I wonder if he needs a proper cut in order for it to start growing long.

OK, that is all ;)

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I know I've asked this before but am stressing loads! Does anyone have any tips for travelling on a long haul flight with a 5 month old baby and how to deal with the timezone change? Mainly the timezone change as he is on a very specific routine at home! He wakes up between 6am and 7am and has his first feed. He then eats every 3 hours (pretty much like clockwork). Around 6pm his bedtime routine starts with a bath, massage and last feed, during which he always falls asleep. I have NO idea how to fit this in to our travel plans or whether there's no point in trying.

We are going to Canada on Friday. We're being picked up at 5.45am and will have about 4 hours in the airport before our flight. We then are on the plane for approx 10 hours before landing. We leave at 11am and arrive midday, local time. Sam and I then have 5 hours in the airport before taking a 5pm flight to the USA which is an hour long.

I know to feed on take off and landing to help with their ears and to offer water/baby juice to avoid dehydration so, as I said, it's mainly timings/his schedule I am worried about.

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In just over a month we are heading off to Canada (from UK) for a couple of weeks and I am getting really nervous about it in terms of the flight but, most of all, the time difference and how it will affect Sam and his sleep/feeding etc.

The flight is almost 10 hours and we have reserved a sky cot/bassinet so at least we won't have to hold him on our laps for the duration and I know to give him either a pacifier or to feed him on take off/landing to help with the pressure in his ears. Does anyone have any other tips for easy flying with a 4 month old?

Once we get to Canada it'll be 8 hours behind our UK time. Does anyone know the best thing to do when you have a baby and you cross timezones? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

[x-posted so apologies if you see this a lot]

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Welcome to a new community that should have been created much sooner. Babies of 2008,. Our Focus here is on babies born in 2008. This community is a place for parents to discuss ideas, educational information, toys, clothes, breastfeeding, furniture, accessories, bottles, everything baby related. It is also a place for parents to forge lasting friendships with others who share a common interest. We look forward to your input!
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